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Ozark Water Projects, Inc.

We Turn Used Shoes Into Clean Water


Current Shoe Drives:

Gibbs Elementary

Poyen Elementary and High School

Oak Grove Elementary School

Ramay Junior High

White County Central High School concluded their shoe drive Friday and collected all of these shoes! Thank you for your hard work and giving hearts!

Baker Elementary Takes Shoe-Drive to the Next Level!​

Baker showed out! They collected over 3,000 pounds of shoes in just 2 weeks! These students were excited about impacting our clean water efforts, yet so well behaved. Parents and teachers of the students at Baker Elementary should be so proud of the wonderful, kind, giving, and attentive children they are raising. Ms. Robin Allen bragged on her students and she was right to do so. Thank you Baker Elementary for bringing in all these shoes. You really are making a huge impact and bringing clean water to those who thirst. Way to go Baker!

Our Featured Kid: Caroline Kolb

What an amazing young lady! For Caroline Kolb's 9th birthday she asked all her friends to bring her "used shoes" - yes, you read that right: USED SHOES!! Of course you have to fulfill the birthday girl's wishes so that's just what her friends did. Looks like they had a great time celebrating, and with the help of her friends, Caroline was able to donate 108 pairs of shoes and $80 to Ozark Water Projects! Thank you Caroline for your donation and for thinking of others! Happy 9th birthday!

Student Videos

Rural Special School

Sonora EAST

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EAST at Gardner 2014

Springdale Public Schools

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