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Ozark Water Projects, Inc.

We Turn Used Shoes Into Clean Water


Clean Water for Those Who Thirst

Through grassroots efforts, Ozark Water Projects, Inc. provides safe and clean water for communities in Africa and Haiti. We conduct shoe drives through schools, churches, businesses, civic organizations, and individuals. Read about our previous water projects below.

Haiti 2017

A new water well, two hand pump repairs, and new, handmade dresses were the ingredients that produced many smiles this summer! The June 2017 trip to Haiti was a big success as we were able to drill a new water well in Boucan Carre, a village outside of Mirebalais where the cholera outbreak began. In less than a couple of hours, Blue Ridge Drilling was able to hit water and then soon after, drill down into a deeper aquifer and solidify the well ensuring the residents would have water year around - even when area springs and rivers dried up. Recent testing by the School of Water in Haiti released amazing numbers showing zero percent e.Coli or other Coliformes (harmful bacteria) in the water. This is great news for the all of us as water, especially safe water, provides the village residents with many, future opportunities; with your help, we are truly making the difference in the lives of others.

While in Haiti we were also able to perform two hand pump repairs thus helping get water back into local neighborhoods. Residents anxiously stood watching the task at hand and helping when and where possible. Upon completion of the repairs, smiles and excitement filled the air as fresh water flowed out of the pumps once again!

An extra excitement for us this year was the opportunity to deliver some hand-made dresses to a girls’ orphanage and the village receiving the new water well. While a new dress may not sound like much, all you have to do is see the wide smiles and bright eyes, and you realize that it’s the simple things that we take for granted: water, a new dress, and someone that cares.

Future Project!

We have set up a campaign on donorbox to fund our next hand pump repair. Click the link below to find out more.

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Uganda 2013

May 2013---Ozark Water Projects purchased and installed two water purification systems in Eastern Uganda. The first was installed in a large farming community in Namisambia, Uganda. Their well had a high contamination risk due to the close proximity of a pit latrine. This system will serve about 250 people. The second system was installed at St. Paul's Secondary school in Mblumati, Uganda. This system will serve to protect the health of over 1,000 students and their families.

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Haiti 2013

A water team of 14 including Beckham Allen and George Hutchins installed 5 water purification systems in hospitals, orphanages, villages, and tent cities. The first was at a large community in Mirebalais, Haiti. Another was installed at an orphanage in Gonaives, Haiti. All five of the purifiers will serve a combined population of about 3,000 people.

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Kenya 2012

In partnership with Shoeman Water Projects, we returned to Kenya with our mission team. We spent one month on these tasks:

  • Drilling Wells
  • Installing Water Purification Systems
  • Doing Pump Repairs
  • Teaching Water and Hygiene Education (in Schools)

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Haiti 2011

A 14-member team, including an Ozark Water Projects mission team, volunteered to install five water purification systems in Haiti. We also repaired hand pumps in Port-au-Prince, Gonaïves and its surrounding villages.

Moreover, a 500-gallon tank and a purification system were installed at The Kids Vision Orphanage School in the Sarthe 55 district of Port-au- Prince. This establishment was built on March 2011.

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Kenya 2011

In January 2011, we partnered with George “The Shoeman” Hutchings in drilling a total of four wells in Kenya. Three were for elementary and secondary schools, while the fourth well was drilled for The Community Health Center in Lwala. The clinic currently serves more than 15,000 patients a year.

At present, there are four water purification systems installed at the surface water springs in Lwala. The said springs are often highly contaminated.

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